Sometimes it’s More about Your Female Partner than Yourself

Most women, when interviewed, indicate sex to be more than just a physical act, where they cannot imagine sexless love or loveless sex. Intimacy and intercourse were earlier believed to be normal male desires. However, modern woman are being brave enough to reveal their ‘normal’ biological need.

Experts at Healthy American Males, in their PHGH review mentioned that it is not only men who are less satisfied with their size because of what’s perceived as normal, but women too are worried for their partners. It is for this reason that most caring men do not hesitate from using male enlargement products like PHGH for the satisfaction of their partners and not just for themselves.

Woman Need Sex

Those who believe that men have a higher sex drive than women need to rethink. According to Why Woman have Sex, written by Cindy M. Meston and David M. Buss, women use sex as a ploy to boost self-confidence, cure headaches and, sometimes, as a barter for gifts or household chores. Although a woman’s sexual motives, primarily driven by love and commitment, tend to be the same as men, which is pure pleasure. Sex is important for women, since apart from the sexual satisfaction, it is a great stress buster too.

Many scientific studies have revealed that sex boosts immunity and uplifts the mood, while decreasing stress levels. Women, when reaching an orgasm, are benefitted by the release of the feel good hormones, oxytocin and endorphins, which other than contributing to relaxation, warmth and closeness, helps the woman fight pain and depression. Moreover, sex makes a woman feel desirable to her partner, an important part of a healthy relationship, taking the couple’s bond to a level nothing else can.

What Keeps Women Unsatisfied

When more than 62 percent of women admitted not being satisfied with their sex lives, researchers were driven to the issue males are facing. They found that small penis size was one of the major factors keeping women unsatisfied. Things are turning worse since 60 percent of women want more intercourse and men are avoiding sex due to their small penis sizes.

On the other hand, while a lot of women place performance over size, they still prefer a bigger penis over a smaller one. The stimulation due to deeper reach of a larger penis does enhance the pleasure for females.

Natural Male Enhancement Supplement Can Help

Men who want to please their female partner in bed can consider 100% natural male enhancement pills, which not only help with bigger and stronger erections, but also help men last longer during intercourse. Male enhancement supplements like PHGH do not contain any harmful ingredients, since they are made from herbs and natural extracts that have been tried and tested for centuries in different parts of the world. In addition, due to the positive effects of the ingredients, the overall health of the user is also benefited, according to most customer reviews.

Most men’s enlargement products available today are non-prescriptive. Other than enhancing the strength and hardness of an erection, these supplements improve the quality of intercourse by escalating the libido in men. They also help boost stamina during intercourse naturally.