Things You Never Suspect Could be the Reason for Your Erectile Dysfunction

There are as many versions of erectile dysfunction as there are sufferers of it. While some have trouble getting erections, some do get them but not as often, which is equally depressing. Reduced desire for sex and problems maintaining erections, too, classify as erectile dysfunction.

The chances of one getting ED increase significantly with age, and studies suggest that 40% of all 40-year olds have it. Such is the embarrassment associated with erectile dysfunction, that three-fourths of men don’t get treated for it.

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Read 5 surprising causes behind your erectile dysfunction.

  • You’re Addicted to Porn

Like the last few years, the US led the world in per capita page views, and the 35-44 year age group forms a major chunk of the viewership. Porn addiction is often held as the prime cause behind ED. The reason is that porn is far from reality, and numbs natural stimulative abilities. Being ashamed of a possible porn addiction can worsen your ED, See a sex therapist to help you focus on offline relationships.

  • You Haven’t Flossed in a Long Time

Periodontal disease has been often linked to erectile dysfunction, and for good reason. Blood flow problems can not only trigger gum disease but cause failure to achieve healthy erections. The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study which stated that gum inflammation leads to decreased production of nitric acid, essential for maintaining healthy blood flow. Flossing regularly might help. L-arginine, an ingredient found in SizeGenix and Extenze, too helps achieve healthy blood flow.

  •  You’re Worrying About Your Finances

Surprisingly, stress is an often-underestimated cause for ED. Stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol both raise blood pressure and constrict blood vessels important for achieving an erection. Studies suggest that the typical man stresses the most over finances. Socialize more, get some daily physical exercise, and use the right enlargement products. Stress can also cause hair loss, and treatment for the same has also been linked to ED. Make sure you’re taking the right male enlargement products.

  • You’ve Got Sleep Apnea

If your partner complains of your impassivity towards sex and your snoring, they’re probably connected. Breathing problems while sleeping, also referred to as sleep apnea, can seriously damage your physical relationships. The lack of oxygen in your body can badly inhibit sexual function. While solutions like CPAP and OAT can get unnecessarily cumbersome, you may want to try male enlargement products with natural ingredients, if your sleep apnea is not serious.

  • You’re Riding the Bike Too Much

Sedentary lifestyle is, as it is, known to cause heart problems and obesity, which might go on to cause ED. However, even high-intensity activities like spinning, bicycling, and horse-riding can lead to erection problems. It’s often seen that these activities result in desensitization of the pelvic floor, which has a rather neurologically vulnerable system. The side-effects include erectile dysfunction.